Write On.

In the field of graphic design, students are encouraged to take on projects outside the classroom. Do small exercises yourself in order to harness your skills, or at least retain them over time. I’m sure the same can be said for your traditional artists as well.

I need to do the same for my writing.

I’ve seen advice from writers, both in prose and in comics. I’ve read stories and advice, taken it to heart, bathed in it, nestled it underneath my pillow so I could sleep on it and a writing tree blooms. There are some consistencies between all of the advice. One of which is short-story writing.

Many authors and graphic novelists suggest getting a grip on short-storytelling in order to improve your writing. In some ways, it’s easier – you’re not bogged down by pages and pages of characterization, story, sub-plot, et cetera. You have to get from point A to point B in ten pages or less, okay GO. In other ways, it’s more difficult – you need to establish a beginning, a middle, and an end in a short amount of time, and make sure you tell a complete story.

So I’m thinking I should take on some short story exercises. Maybe post the pages on Scribd or something when I’m done. We’ll see.


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